Heaven and Earth people crack
Heaven, Earth, People, and Self are One

The Tenshinkai Foundation has created the ” Tenshin Taido ” founded by Hiroyuki Aoki.

Each of us learns through our bodies

While rediscovering your true self

It is a place of learning that encourages mental and physical growth with friends.

All classes of Tenshinkai

With nature, society, humans, and all living things

Learn and practice a harmonious way of life

It is based on the idea of “one with the people of the world”.

​ Build a healthy and happy life both physically and mentally with a free mind,

We can contribute to society with love and gratitude

We aim for comprehensive and creative human education.


Q. What is the Tenshinkai?
A. It is a study group for spreading the Tenshin philosophy, conceived by Dr Hiroyuki Aoki.

Q. What kind of content can I study?
A. Dr Hiroyuki Aoki is a martial artist, meditator and calligrapher. You will learn about these things, which have been constructed and systematised based on the Tenshin philosophy. You can study the Japanese sword art Kenbu Tenshinryu, Tenshin Calligraphy and Tenshin Courses (meditation).